Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Targeted communication that builds
customer relationships

The Agillic Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform empowers brands to work with data-driven insights and content to create, automate, and send personalised communication to millions. 

Unlock your potential with marketing automation. Streamline tasks, personalise communication, and maximise your efficiency. Say goodbye to manual work and welcome more time for strategic initiatives. Connect with customers on their terms, delivering a relevant and engaging digital experience, and seamlessly embrace omnichannel marketing that will take your success to new heights.

Automatisieren Sie sich wiederholende Aufgaben
Automate repetitive marketing tasks
Aktivieren automatisieren und personalisieren Sie Ihre Inhalte
Activate, automate and personalise your content
Bieten Sie ein grosartiges Omnichannel Kundenerlebnis
Deliver a great omnichannel customer experience

What is marketing automation?

With marketing automation, rules and criteria seamlessly trigger personalised actions. From tailored emails with personalised content to targeted messages based on customer behaviour, it’s all about delivering the right message at the right time.

From SMS and email to paid media and app push, with marketing automation, customer actions become valuable triggers for the next optimal step. Whether it’s a special birthday email with a voucher or a timely reminder to renew a membership or book the next vacation, automation ensures no opportunity is missed.

Increased customer satisfaction
Operational efficiency

See how Miinto increased CLV by 18% with marketing automation

Forget generic campaigns and embrace data-driven, targeted communication. With marketing automation, you’ll connect with your audience on a personal level, delivering the right message at the right moment. See how to strike the perfect balance for success, just like e-commerce powerhouse Miinto did.

Want to know what marketing automation can do for you?

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Agillic (Nasdaq First North Growth Market Copenhagen: AGILC) is a Danish software company offering brands a platform through which they can work with data-driven insights and content to create, automate and send personalised communication to millions. Agillic is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with teams in Germany, Norway, and Romania.

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