What is email marketing? - Why does my business need Email marketing?

What is email marketing?

The customer journey of digital consumers today is not linear. Many online consumers expect brands to be present in their digital activities whenever and wherever they are active. This includes activities like checking up on emails and messaging. This is why  many companies still focus on email marketing with great success. Email marketing gives you an important opportunity to enter the personal sphere of your customers when delivering valuable messages. Email marketing is still a viable solution in many circumstances and it should play a vital role in your omnichannel strategy.

At Agillic, we combine passion, insights, ideas and content to create an omnichannel marketing platform customized for your business. Throughout this text you will learn more about how and why email marketing is a great tool to improve your online omnichannel performance. But first and foremost: what is email marketing?

Email marketing – what is it?

what is email marketing

Email marketing is generally known as the distribution of newsletters, ads, messages and other materials through email messaging. The objective is to promote services and products through email messages which in return will lead to customer awareness, sales and loyalty. Email marketing is therefore a form of direct marketing where businesses send electronic mails instead of physical letters in order to:

  • Increase brand awareness with prospecting and current/previous customers
  • Enhance the relationship of current or previous customers to encourage customer loyalty
  • Convince new or current customers to purchase

When done right your email marketing strategy will be able to create solid relations with customers and acquire loyal consumers.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

what is email marketing

There are several benefits of using email marketing in regards to your other marketing strategies. It is a great supplement to your general omnichannel marketing strategy for multiple reasons:


It is REALLY cheap to use email marketing. With email marketing you will be able to get valuable data and deliver personalized messages to hundreds of customers, and it is not going to cost you very much compared to other marketing channels.

High success rate

Email marketing, when done properly, is regarded as the second most effective online marketing strategy – only surpassed by search marketing! The success rate is measured in CPA (cost per acquisition), which is the amount of money spent on strategic marketing to make a sale, click or have your customer perform any other valuable action. Email marketing is so efficient because when it is done correctly, you can easily tailor marketing emails to your chosen customer segment and  target your ideal consumer very accurately. Customers, who sign up to email notifications are generally more interested and prepared to buy than other consumers.


With the analytical tools available today we are able to track responses and performances of different emails very precisely. This means we can improve the emails’ performance, which will lead to an even better success rate for your email marketing strategy. You can easily see which emails perform better based on several parameters, which makes it easy to adjust and optimize your email marketing campaign.

How to create a healthy email marketing strategy?

what is email marketing

Email marketing has gotten a bad reputation, as some online marketers are using it incorrectly – the commonly known spam mail. You will never be able to obtain a good CPA  if you buy large and unspecified email lists and send out generic emails to all your contacts stating “Buy this (product) for only ….. ($)”. Most consumers will regard this as spam and you will only get negative responses. Instead your email marketing strategy should focus on a thoughtful, conscientious strategy in regard to your chosen consumer segments. .

Personalised messaging

With a personalized strategy you will be able to create healthy and strong relations through emails. This is possible if you personalize your email marketing strategy to focus on customer segments or individual customers. Use your knowledge about your customers and their data and interests to send out valuable information at the right time. One example is  sending out emails on your customers’ birthday offering them a birthday discount or free present with a purchase, or letting them know when items they have been browsing are about to go out of stock or on sale. Think in the terms of content marketing rather than direct sales points and make the customer journey to the offered product or knowledge as easy as possible – only one click away!

Create your own email list

Don’t go out on a limb and buy premade email lists. This will only be a waste of your time and money. Focus on creating your own permission-based list, where customers purportedly  opt in on email notifications from you specifically.

Share valuable information

Many marketers use email marketing to distribute sales related materials. There is nothing wrong with this, but in many circumstances it is important to deliver other messages than sales ads. Share your knowledge about a specific subject and show your expertise to customers. Giving customers valuable information increases your CPA and the chance of customers opening, reading and responding to your email. Customers will know more about you, view your emails positively, get valuable information and transfer from customers to fans or even brand ambassadors.

Optimize emails for use on mobile

About half of email-users view emails regularly on mobile devices. If you distribute banner ads through your emails, you need to make sure the messages are optimised for use on mobile. Otherwise you will lose half of your potential customers.

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