Club Kop & Kande links hybrid shopping

Cutlery, bedding, pots and pans are among the many goods that Kop & Kande offers. Using its customer club to identify unknown customers, it is setting the table with personalised communication.  


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When Kop & Kande first joined Agillic, its goal was to increase the volume and value of its customer club, Klub Kop & Kande. It wanted to activate customer data and increase personalisation significantly.

Malene Maarbjerg Rasmussen
Kop & Kande’s Marketing & Omnichannel Director

We chose Agillic because it is a platform we can scale in. And it has quickly become evident that Agillic was the right choice both strategically and operationally” 

Agillic’s gold partner Web2Media oversaw the data migration, built the data models, and created and implemented the communication flows in close collaboration with the Kop & Kande marketing team. The close collaboration continues to ensure continued development on, and the best possible utilisation of, the Agillic platform.

From black box to transparency

Being able to follow its customers’ interactions, both in physical stores and online, is essential to Kop & Kande’s marketing success.

Often, what is going on in the stores is a black box data-wise. Who is buying what, is the customer also shopping online, is there a category or a brand that they are particularly interested in etc. is all very important customer journey information for us to collect valid data about, as it enables us to offer our customers better service and more personalised offers.” says Malene.

That’s why Kop & Kande is focusing on turning unknown customers into known ones through its customer club.

When a club member shops in the physical store, we can correlate the offline transaction data with the communication we have sent. This way, we can determine whether a specific offer or piece of content is valuable to the customer. We can measure the extent to which our email communication drives offline sales, we can exclude a customer from communication if they have purchased within twenty-four hours, we can finetune personalisation and so forth,” says Jacob Fusager, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist and Consultant at Web2Media.

Web2Media also developed an integration to Facebook from Kop & Kande’s Agillic instance. This allows its marketing team to use data from offline transactions on Facebook so they can use the store visit functionality and create more in-depth targeted audiences on Facebook. Fusager continues:

Working in-depth with data pays off – and that’s where Agillic’s data structure is unique and powerful. The way we can work with the different tables is a gift for retailers.”

Marketing automation throughout the customer lifecycle

Welcome flow

After signing up for the newsletter, customers receive a welcome mail. The goal is to nudge them into becoming club members.

Club conversion flow

Newsletter subscribers who are not club members receive a series of three emails promoting the advantages of the loyalty club. The conversion rate is 5%.

Brand and category interest

Customers who have shown an interest in a specific brand or category receive an email to further stimulate interest. For club members, the number of recipients who click/open and buy in-store/online is 13.5%.

Abandoned basket

Kop & Kande sends an email with the contents of its abandoned shopping basket to spur customers to complete their online shopping. Also, Relewise (a personalisation engine) based personalised recommendations are included in the email. 17% return to the website.

Happy Birthday

Birthdays are special, and congratulations matter. In fact, Kop & Kande’s birthday flow has the highest open rate of all its send-outs. 82.5% open the first mail and 40.85% open the reminder. Club members receive a voucher, which can be redeemed both in stores and via 15% of recipients redeemed the voucher in 2021.

Wrong day, but right message

While data is important, creativity and humour also play a role in successful communication. Having seen the attention spurred by birthday greetings, Kop & Kande is flipping the coin by intentionally sending a birthday message on the wrong date to customers who have signed up to the newsletter but are not club members, and to club members who have not listed their birth date on their profile. And it works like a charm – when this email was first sent out, 16.000 listed their birth date in a single day.

Hybrid shopping

Like many retailers, Kop & Kande meets its customers in a hybrid of digital and offline touchpoints. For example, click-and-collect is on the rise and constitutes +60% of Kop & Kande’s total website revenue.

Some feel that web-shopping is cannibalising stores, which can be tricky in a franchise business like ours. But hybrid shopping patterns are a reality that we need to accommodate and therefore we have to orchestrate our overall business in a customer-centric way.” says Malene. She continues:

“Kop & Kande’s DNA comes from being a retail chain and is therefore built on all the great efforts of the franchisees over time. Our physical stores are still important and will continue to be so in the future. Therefore, we are using data-based communication to drive footfall to our physical stores. For example, birthday vouchers sent to club members via email can be redeemed in the stores. Also, by sending a brand interest mail to club members who have looked at e.g. Royal Copenhagen on, we nudge them to go into one of our stores to shop – and data shows us that it works. In this way, the data collected via our customer club helps us tie offline and digital shopping together into a strong and personalised experience that our customers appreciate.”

About Kop & Kande

Kop & Kande has more than 100 shops in Denmark and offers a wide range of goods spanning from beddings, cutlery, kitchen appliances to gift items. Kop & Kande was officially established in 1984 – read more about the retail chain’s history via this link: