TV 2 wins viewers with personalised content

Using data for personalised content curation, Norwegian streaming service TV 2 went from a generic ‘everything to everybody’ to a powerful ‘this is for you’ approach. And it’s paying off. Subscribers watch more TV and stay for longer, resulting in a staggering 52% drop in churn rate.

In any subscription business, engagement is the key to retention. To TV 2 that means the more TV the consumers watch, the longer they stay. 

However, most subscriptions are because of a specific show or series, and when it ends, the subscription tends to do the same. 

To break the statistics and make subscribers stay, TV 2 is creating personalised communication that continually spurs interest and engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Data creates a positive spin

TV 2 had a lot of data but was unable to activate it for personalised communication. 

That changed as they onboarded Agillic and migrated data from their old system. Soon a positive spin formed.

It’s not enough to have data; you must be able to activate data in segments and on a one-to-one basis. As we create content that engages our viewers, we generate more data, learn more about our viewers – and as we act on data, we become more valuable to them,” says Hilde Thorjussen, Head of Customer Journey and CRM at TV 2 Norway.

Hilde from TV2 Norway

“Moving from communication characterised by ‘everything to everybody’ to ‘this is for you’ clearly drives results.”

Hilde Thorjussen, Head of Customer Journey and CRM, TV 2 Norwayr

According to Hilde, the main reason why a customer leaves is if they can’t find anything to watch after they have watched the series or the show that initially made them subscribe. That is why personalised content curation is business-critical to TV 2.

By making suggestions based on profile and behavioural data in combination with hand-picked editorial recommendations, the subscribers are continually nudged towards watching new series or shows. 

Hilde adds, “Moving from a communication characterised by ‘everything to everybody’ to ‘this is for you’ clearly drives results. With Agillic, we lifted daily usage rates by a double-digit percentage rate and reduced churn by 52%.” 

As a result of the overall organisational focus on personalised communication, the overall opening rate of TV 2’s marketing communication has increased from 25% to 40% due to subscribers finding the communication more relevant and as a result of A/B testing of subject lines, preheaders and more.

The work continues

Having set up a successful process for acquiring and retaining subscribers, TV 2 is planning for the next phase. “Data-driven communication is essential to our business success, and we have already achieved significant results. We have established a strong synergy between our product and our communication to stimulate the consumption of our service and retain customers. Now we are focussing on making more data actionable in Agillic, and also using more channels to meet our subscribers in their preferred channel,” says Hilde.

Due to the overall organisational focus on personalisation and by curating personalised content through Agillic, TV 2 has achieved substantial results: 

  • Double-digit percentage growth in Daily Usage Rates (DUR) 
  • 52% reduced churn 
  • Opening rate from 25% to 40%.

How TV 2 uses Agillic in the customer lifecycle

  • Winning the customer through paid media using Agillic data to create twin audiences.
  • Onboarding flows focus on helping the customer to benefit fully from the subscription.
  • Retention flows continually stimulate the viewers with personalised content suggestions based on behavioural data and hand-picked editorial recommendations.
  • Anti-churn flows trigger when a viewer unsubscribes. By inviting dialogue, they’ve managed to reduce the churn rate significantly. 
  • Win-back flows taking not only price sensitivity, but also individual content preferences into consideration.

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