Activate data from owned media in paid media channels

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As a consumer, you have probably experienced the irritation of seeing an ad for a pair of shoes which you have bought online. Or maybe you’re familiar with the bitterness of seeing Facebook ads offering membership at a lower price than the one you, a loyal member, have been paying for years. 

What these ads have in common is that they are not relevant — neither to the consumer nor to the advertiser. It is frustrating for the consumer, and it is bad business for the brand. 

Consumers expect relevance and personalisation at all touchpoints, whether in emails, apps, websites or digital ads. Successful brands understand this and the potential competitive differentiator it holds. 

But due to organisational structures as well as technological siloes hindering the benefits of data synergies, brands are genuinely challenged when it comes to relevance and personalisation when advertising in paid media.

Activate data from owned media in paid media channels

In paid media advertising, the cost for digital ads is often calculated based on impressions or pay-per-click. That is why a stringent target group with relevant and personalised content is essential. 

When addressing an imprecise target group, brands risk spending significant sums and getting no results. Missing the consumers likely to respond positively to the message is equally bad. It would be opportune to invest more in this target group to increase the probability of a click and a sale. 

The solution lies in activating the brand’s data from owned media in paid media channels. 

Sounds easy enough. But many companies face a manual, cumbersome process where either the marketing or IT department extracts data from one system and hands it over to a specialist or another department who will then upload it to, for example, Facebook. 

This is an error-prone and outmoded way to operate. And it jeopardises GDPR compliance by shuffling data between systems this way.

Agillic’s native integrations to the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems help brands maximise the effect of their digital advertising budget and increase the ROAS (return on advertising spend). 

By leveraging data synergies between paid and owned media, you can target audiences with higher precision and more relevant ads, thereby boosting impact and value. 

With Agillic, you can even skip the manual process of extracting and uploading data between systems. 

Because of the integrations between the Agillic Platform and the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems, you simply merge the data from paid and owned media, populate your audiences with the right profiles and exclude the irrelevant profiles. 

In the Agillic paid media channel, you are only sending one-way hashed versions of your customer data. That means that you are GDPR compliant and can take relevance to a broader audience, which is a far more effective and optimal use of your digital advertising spend. We call this relevance at scale. 

Native integrations enable optimised advertising spending

  • Agillic’s native integrations to the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems enable a significant optimisation and effect of the marketing spend. 
  • The marketing department can work more efficiently with target groups, as they have a more qualified foundation for setting up successful and effective campaigns with measurable business value. 
  • In addition to optimising the advertising spend, Agillic’s automated solution reduces manual work and ensures data quality every time synchronisation is performed. 

Agillic’s native integrations to the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems enable brands to optimise their advertising spend and achieve higher ROI. 

For instance, Egmont Publishing reduced the cost of winning subscribers back by 73% using Agillic’s solution. The integration of owned data with paid media channels unlocks the full potential of data synergies, delivering relevant and personalised ads that engage consumers and drive business results.

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