Agillic unveils the key to successful customer engagement through personalised communication in Børsen

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Press release, Copenhagen, 6 June 2023

In the latest article with renowned financial newspaper Børsen, Agillic’s CEO Emre Gürsoy shares his insights on the significance of personalised communication and its potential to drive exceptional customer experiences, ultimately boosting business revenue.

In the article, Gürsoy highlights the growing consumer expectation for personalised communication from the companies they engage with, stating, “Nearly two-thirds of consumers expect personalised communication from the businesses they purchase from. By creating a superior customer experience, businesses can significantly enhance their potential for success.”

Gürsoy emphasises that while many companies leverage the latest marketing technologies to communicate with customers and consumers, only a few excel at delivering automated, personalised messages across channels and at scale. He notes the missed commercial potential resulting from this gap and states, “By automating personalised messages, you can reach your customers with the most relevant communication. At the same time, automation frees up resources for better strategic planning and content creation, leading to increased growth and revenue.”

The article cites a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Agillic, revealing that only 20% of European companies can be classified as “leaders” in the discipline of personalising and automating tailored communication to customers. This suggests that up to 80% of European companies are not fully harnessing the potential of such technology. To optimise the customer experience and maximise commercial potential, companies can utilise software capable of collecting, organising, and systematising first-party data across platforms, channels, and customers. 

Gürsoy further explains how Agillic’s platform empowers marketers to tailor personalised communication to individual customers. With the ability to automate processes, Agillic’s platform enables businesses to reach millions of people with individualised, customised messages. He acknowledges that embracing modern software and technology may require significant resources, but Agillic simplifies and consolidates the technology behind the customer experience into one platform, ensuring rapid value creation for businesses.

For examples of successful brands that have used automation and personalisation well, Agillic CXO Rasmus Houlind, also quoted in the article, adds that companies need to look beyond their own industry for leaders worth following. “Everyone is looking for beacon examples in their specific industry that they can be inspired by. But perhaps you need to look up a little and look for good examples in a wider community.”

Gürsoy concludes by noting that a fully developed and implemented marketing automation solution can potentially contribute 25-30% of a company’s revenue. Citing McKinsey’s research, he states, “Digital-born companies with a customer database, engaging directly with consumers, can average a 25% revenue contribution from personalised communication.” Gürsoy encourages businesses to recognise and capitalise on the untapped potential within their resources.

“Technology continues to develop and change, and using one’s first-party data for personalised communication creates both a short-term gain by increasing the relevance of their communication and a long-term gain by increasing the customers’ lifetime value. The companies that master the technology and provide customers with an exceptional customer experience are very likely to experience success in the coming years.”

Read the full article in English here. 

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