Agillic launches improved SMS editor to strengthen personalisation

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Press release, Copenhagen, 7 April 2021

Danish omnichannel marketing automation software company Agillic supports its clients in delivering personalised communications. Product innovations, such as Agillic’s advanced SMS editor with an improved user interface and powerful features, help clients tap more smoothly into the benefits of personalised SMS experiences.

Nils Budde, Head of Products at Agillic, notes an increased interest in personalised SMS marketing among the company’s clients:

“We are experiencing massive traction towards sending out personalised SMS communication. Across industries, our clients report substantial payback from their SMS activities. While SMS has always had an unsurpassed opening rate, personalised SMS experiences send conversion rates – and value – steeply upward. Further, when SMS marketing is part of the overall omnichannel marketing strategy, like the one facilitated by the Agillic platform, clients can leverage attractive channel synergies.”

To spur the development further and gain a competitive edge, Agillic recently launched a new and advanced version of its SMS editor. The SMS editor offers an improved user interface making it faster and easier to set up personalised SMS communication, and is expected to attract new clients and contribute to an uplift in existing clients’ engagement.

Nils Budde continues:
“Working in the Agillic platform should be easy and intuitive, and we strive to remove any friction from the user interface. At the same time, we don’t want to compromise on advanced features, as illustrated by the new version of the SMS editor. Features such as dynamic content for personalisation, language versions, external links, preview, character count and more may seem trivial. But they are powerful features that make up a fast and advanced SMS editor with an optimal user experience – and at the end of the day, they contribute to successful strategy execution.”

The Retail and NGO & Charity sectors spearhead the development

Email is still the most prominent channel in terms of volume, and it accounts for a significant proportion of revenue contribution for brands. Compared to its potential, SMS marketing has been underutilised – but now it is picking up speed. It is becoming a vital channel in the omnichannel marketing strategy. Among Agillic’s clients, brands in the retail and the NGO & charity sectors are spearheading the development.

For example, the retail sector deploys SMS marketing to drive consumers to the website or the brick-and-mortar shops. In the NGO & Charity sector, SMS marketing is vital to fundraising, as it has an immediate and high conversion rate. 

For the Danish Red Cross, speed matters

When a catastrophe occurs, humanitarian organisations and NGOs need to reach donors fast. Text messages are vital in this process, and the communication has to be set up and delivered within hours for maximum impact. Here, Agillic’s new SMS editor is making a tangible difference, according to Mikkel Wraae Hansen, Head of Individual Giving at Danish Red Cross: 

“Speed matters when setting up and executing our SMS communication, both in times of crisis and in the general member communication. Texting accounts for a large part of our fundraising activities, and it is crucial and highly valuable that our staff is able to work as effectively as possible. The process, from setting up the SMS through testing and executing a personalised message, can be accomplished within a few hours – and we can reach our audience at an optimal time when they are most likely to respond.”

To learn more about how the Danish Red Cross is raising awareness and funds for their cause, please refer to the case story “Setting the cornerstone for omnichannel fundraising.”

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