Agillic welcomes Academics

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Dansk Magisterforening is a trade union for academics – including students and graduates from University. With its around 50.000 members, Dansk Magisterforening is one of the larger trade unions in Denmark with history that dates back 100 years. Taking yet another step into being a modern front-runner, Dansk Magisterforening has decided to invest in Marketing Automation and get onboard with Agillic.

In all its years, the focus has always been its members, their work life and workers’ rights. In addition to the union’s primary tasks, Dansk Magisterforening offers its members’ courses and education, career consultancy and network meetings. Altogether, a lot of important and helpful information that will now be communicated through the Agillic platform.

Dansk Magisterforening and Agillic share the same goal – keeping the members’ needs and interests at the centre of communication. We look forward to aiding both members and organization with great communication experiences. We are happy to welcome Dansk Magisterforening to the Agillic family!

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