Agillic wins Multilot: Personalisation is the name of the game


Press release, Copenhagen, 1 March 2021

Agillic, a leading Danish omnichannel marketing software company, will help Multilot, a multinational SaaS gaming platform provider, build long-lasting customer relationships through automated and personalised communication across the customer lifecycle. 

Multilot offers a fully compliant turn-key gaming platform as a service (SaaS). They operate games, bingo, lotteries, raffles and games of chance on behalf of humanitarian organisations, associations, media houses and corporate partners. Multilot can manage the entire value chain, including assistance in applying for national gaming licenses, game development, assurance of compliance to laws and regulations, customer support, accounting and reporting to the authorities. Further, the company caretakes the direct communication with end-users. And it is for this purpose Multilot has chosen Agillic.

Says Petter Danbolt CEO, Multilot:
“Gaming is entertainment and fun, hopes and dreams. When we provide a smooth and good customer experience to the end-users on behalf of our clients, we fulfil a human need, making it more likely that they will keep coming back for a positive experience. That is our business case – and that’s why Agillic is relevant to us. We believe personalised communication is vital in creating a good customer experience. Activating our content through the Agillic platform will help us attract new players and help us retain them through positive experiences.”

Says Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic:
“We are delighted that Multilot has chosen Agillic, and we are looking forward to supporting them in providing superior customer experiences and growing their business through personalised communication. Their platform is built on a brilliant concept. It enables brands and organisations to tap into gamification benefits without any hassle, and it meets a trend where gamification is on the rise, enabling new ways for brands to engage and interact with consumers. Combining gaming with the delivery of personalised communication, Multilot has a strong value proposition.”

Agillic’s strategic partner NexusOne is implementation partner and is, among other things, building the templates and communication flows. 

Says Villy Gravengaard, CEO NexusOne: 

“It is a fascinating project where we are building everything from scratch: templates, automation rules, communication flows and content. Multilot operates a radio broadcasted bingo in various radio channels. Setting up the communication rules and tying backend operations together with personalised customer communication is quite sophisticated, and we are looking forward to pressing play when everything is ready.”

Subscription businesses benefit from personalised communication
With Multilot, Agillic continues to grow its client base of subscription businesses across industries such as the retail, finance, travel & hospitality and NGO & charity sectors. Agillic’s reference cases, such as TV2 Sumo, Fitness World, and Story House Egmont, show that relevant and personalised communication across channels provides a holistic and engaging customer experience and is useful to retain customers and boost customer lifetime value.

For further information, please contact

Emre Gürsoy, CEO, Agillic A/S
+45 3078 4200

About Multilot ​

Founded in Norway in 2009, The Multilot® platform meets the highest standards of security, flexibility and ability to meet compliance demands. Its ability to meet the highest compliance standards is demonstrated by having passed certification for use by operators of legal, nationally licensed real money gambling in multiple European countries. Each year Multilot’s subsidiaries contribute a substantial amount of their revenue to cultural institutions, charities and local communities.

About NexusOne

Founded in 2020, NexusOne is an independent consultancy that helps clients establish, implement and operate data-driven customer-centric platforms. They create essential digital change for their clients’ businesses to help fulfil their digital visions. NexusOne spans strategy, conceptualisation and implementation.

About Agillic A/S​

Agillic is a Danish software company enabling marketers to maximise the use of data and translate it into relevant and personalised communication establishing strong relations between people and brands. Our customer marketing platform uses AI to enhance the business value of customer communication. By combining data-driven customer insights with the ability to execute personalised communication, we provide our clients with a head start in the battle of winning markets and customers.

Besides the company headquarter in Copenhagen, Agillic has sales offices in London (UK) and Stockholm (Sweden), as well as a development unit in Kyiv (Ukraine). For further information, please visit

Agillic A/S Nasdaq First North Growth Market Copenhagen: AGILC 

Masnedøgade 22 – Copenhagen – Denmark