Egmont Publishing reduces the cost of winning subscribers back by 73%


In a win-back activity on Facebook which targeted customers who had discontinued their magazine subscription, Egmont Publishing was able to improve the match rate, i.e. find the former subscribers, by up to 20%. Agillic data, such as email address, phone number, birthday, was automatically synchronised with Facebook data and irrelevant audiences were excluded. 

This way, Egmont Publishing obtained an optimised target group and could publish more relevant ads, which increased the conversion rate. As a result, Egmont reduced the cost per order (CPO) on select titles by 73% in their win-back activity. 

Use cases


  • Exclude customers who have recently made a purchase or already subscribed. There is no need to show acquisition messages for existing customers.
  • Build high-performing audiences by activating 1st party data with data from the advertising platform, such as Facebook.


  • Promote offers on paid media to consumers who have stopped opening their email.
  • Identify customers representing a high value and focus on them.
  • Exclude customers from reactivation offers as soon as they have engaged on other channels.

Channel synergy

  • To increase the conversion rate, you can warm-up your customers with ads and then address them by, for example, email.
  • Customers who have not engaged with an email or text message can be targeted with ads.

Look-alike and twins

  • Target acquisition ads to  internet users with browsing patterns similar to your existing customers.
  • Display lead ads to look-alikes of your current newsletter recipient base.
  • Identify the “most valuable customers” and invest in ads targeting look-alikes.

Interested to learn more about how to optimise your ad spend?

We are happy to present use-cases on acquisition, granulated look-alikes, win-back and more. So If you are interested to learn more about the benefits of automated data synchronisation and activation through the Agillic Platform, feel free to send an email to Bo Sannung, CCO of Agillic, or give him a call on +45 26 37 57 82.