How to FAIL at omnichannel marketing

omnichannelconf web final

Agillic CXO Rasmus Houlind presented at Dansk Erhverv’s omnichannel conference on how to fail at omnichannel marketing.

Last week, Agillic attended, sponsored and presented at Dansk Erhverv’s Omnichannel Conference. The event had almost six-hundred participants and a full docket of experts sharing their experience and insights into omnichannel commerce, marketing and more.

Says Agillic CXO Rasmus Houlind: “It was an extremely impressive event: well planned, well executed, well attended. I was very impressed there were so many people there, and that they retained those participants throughout the day. It’s a testament to how great the program was – it was highly relevant, with quality speakers who had plenty to say about omnichannel. This event really illustrated how much the level of omnichannel maturity in Denmark has improved since the start of the pandemic.”

Among the presenters, Agillic clients Matas, Bog & Idé, Plantorama (with our partner Novicell), Sportmaster and Babysam were represented.

In the early afternoon, Houlind himself took the mic in front of 250 live (digital) viewers to discuss the top 10 pitfalls for omnichannel marketing. Houlind presented these pitfalls as “how to make failure certain”, using examples of companies who have gone against these practices and failed to fail (i.e. succeeded). 

Houlind’s 10 ways to ensure failure in omnichannel marketing include:

  1. Don’t involve your CEO
  2. Don’t communicating the why and how of omnichannel to your organization
  3. Don’t chase the Marketing Permission consistently
  4. Refuse to understand how data works
  5. Wait for the perfect data set before you start

Want to know the remaining five pitfalls, why they will guarantee failure, and how you can make success certain instead?  Then watch the webinar recording, in Danish, right here:

Watch the webinar recording