Workers’ union unites with Agillic

Krifa foto arb.

KRIFA or otherwise known in Denmark as Kristelig Fagbevægelse, has a long history as a workers’ union, dating back to 1899. Krifa identifies as independent from political or social agendas and today the union has more than 200.000 members, making it the fourth-largest workers’ union and unemployment insurance fund in Denmark. Now, Krifa will be using the Agillic platform to engage with its members.

The union’s self-declared focus is the job satisfaction of its members, and apart from legal counseling, Krifa offers services ranging from an education in job satisfaction to mentoring programs and stress coaching. Krifa meets its members online, through direct mail and its magazine, as well as in emails and 16 locations across Denmark.

And the shared approach to brand experience and service for members across channels, have resulted in a match between Krifa and Agillic. With Agillic, the union will be able to communicate with its members using omnichannel marketing automation with integrated customer profiles.

We are happy to welcome Krifa and look forward to creating great results together!

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