The sound of marketing automation

libratone zipp hero

Libratone excels in high-quality headphones and speakers through an innovative combination of Danish design, striking colours and attractive materials.

Delivering high quality to their customers is a business essential for Libratone, and that promise will now be extended into the communication facilitated by the Agillic marketing automation platform.

The design philosophy of Libratone is not only great sound but also takes into consideration the aesthetics and how speakers are placed to bring optimal sound experiences to the consumers. At Libratone they dare to think differently and thereby challenge traditional ways of making household sound and speakers, they set the sound free and have a customer-centric design process. That is like finding a kindred spirit to Agillic, and we look forward to combining technology and creativity with the passion for customer-centricity, to create extraordinary moments for Libratone’s customers around the world.

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