Matas wins big at the 2020 Danish E-Commerce Awards

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Agillic’s longtime client Matas won both the Omnichannel Award and the Gold Award at the Danish E-Commerce Awards 2020. We spoke with Matas’ Head of Customer Insights, Loyalty and Media Development Stefan Kirkedal about their winning strategies, what they’re implementing next, and what this win means for them.

Matas’ wins are the result of a forceful team effort across their organisation. Matas has approached digital growth in a highly ambitious and innovative way, placing customer experience at the center. This approach has succeeded because they have integrated their skill sets across departments, and because of the depth of knowledge held about their products and digital solutions. Stefan Kirkedal cites some examples: 

“We’ve implemented new services such as virtual skin tests and online video chat support direct from our stores. We’re using our data to drive decisions to make better solutions for our customers. We’re using data every time we develop a new omnichannel feature, so the way we use data in our business solutions has a huge impact”

Building off of these developments, Matas has several forthcoming omnichannel features. These are designed with the sole purpose of improving the shopping experience across channels and creating an even more seamless shopping experience between digital and physical stores. For example, they have several tracking mechanisms embedded within the Matas app, which is aimed at creating a better online experience, and to make the app usable in-store. They are creating ways to transfer the skills and knowledge of their shop assistants from the physical to a digital context. Matas is also working on balancing reach with relevance, utilising their customer data to create more tailored communications. 

Matas is well equipped to quickly turn new ideas into full-fledged features. Stefan Kirkedal is proud of how the  organisation has worked together to efficiently develop new features: 

“The way from an idea to going live with a concrete new feature is very short. We’ve shortened the time from ideas to going live very much in the last one and a half years”

When Matas completes a new feature or product, they launch it to specific segments of their extensive customer club, Club Matas. This way, they can test it across different channels – both digital and in-store. In this way, the data they collect has an important role in guiding them towards the best possible decisions.

So what does this win mean to the whole Matas team? 

“It certainly means a lot for us. The prize around omnichannel is the most important prize for us because it reflects effort from the entire organisation – from customer service to the IT department to the sales team in the stores. You can’t win the omnichannel prize without cooperation internally. We’re very proud of the way we’re working together as a team to give our customers the best experience across digital platforms and in our physical stores.”

Omnichannel is a growing part of the e-commerce world. With a well-aligned and dedicated team, innovative ideas and enough data to implement them strategically, Matas has positioned themselves well to thrive within the ever-changing world of business.

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