The right service to the right person – Nota matches up communication with marketing automation

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Placed under the Danish Ministry of Culture, Nota is the Danish Library and Expertise Center for people with print disabilities. It offers audiobooks, e-books and braille reading materials to its more than 130.000 visually impaired members. Members suffer from various visibility impairments – including dyslexia, physical and cognitive impairments. In the future, Nota will be able to personalise its communications to match its services through the Agillic marketing automation platform.

The only two common denominators for the members are not being able to read an ordinary printed text and the fact that you rely on the assistance from Nota. Since a variety of different needs can be identified across the membership holders, the organisation has the opportunity to use the Agillic software to target members and personalise messages in order to provide the most relevant materials and services, communicated across all channels.

At Agillic, we are excited to work with Nota and look forward to creating outstanding set-ups to match and tailor services and communication to their members.

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