Partner Highlight: Bas Kommunikasjon


At Agillic, we believe that partnerships are the driving force behind innovation and transformation. One such partnership that stands out is our collaboration with Gold Solution Partner Bas Kommunikasjon AS.

As the largest Marketing Service Provider (MSP) in Norway, Bas has redefined the art of marketing since 1992. Their expertise spans a wide spectrum of services, ranging from solution architecture advisory and consultancy to creative content creation, analytics and the complete MarTech stack. 

In this Partner Highlight, we’re thrilled to showcase our partnership with Bas and look deeper into how they’re changing the landscape of marketing services and elevating customer experiences.

A flourishing collaboration

At the heart of their success story lies a partnership with Agillic that has been evolving since 2015, with roots tracing back to 2012. 

Bas Kommunikasjon’s journey is an embodiment of innovation in the MarTech landscape. And their ability to seamlessly integrate strategic advisory and consultancy services within clients’ MarTech ecosystems is a testament to the power of collaboration. Agillic’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform provides the perfect canvas for Bas to weave their magic.

Are Solberg

“With Agillic, we can deliver business value to our clients quickly. Our record is 2.5 weeks from the project start to the first personalised email sent from Agillic. Not only do we work together, but we consider Agillic to be our ‘Danish brothers and sisters’ with business and social connections at all levels of our organisations. Bas has more than 20 resources working in and with Agillic and 20 more who know the business value of Agillic and can advise customers on it. We work closely to ensure that Agillic meets the constantly evolving demands of our clients and that Bas can utilise the full potential of the platform.”

— Are Solberg, COO, Bas Kommunikasjon

Shared benefits for mutual growth

But this partnership isn’t just about integration — it’s about shared benefits. 

The licensing structure is a source of mutual growth, aligning financial incentives with the shared pursuit of excellence. A partnership that fosters growth is one that truly makes a difference. 

Bas’s involvement in shaping Agillic’s evolution ensures that the platform remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving marketing automation landscape. This dynamic interaction not only enriches Agillic’s features but also helps Bas stay ahead of the curve in their offerings.

The exchange of knowledge and experiences adds another layer of value to this partnership. In a landscape that’s as diverse as marketing, cross-industry insights become invaluable assets. 

“This partnership is more than just business. It’s about shared growth and a sense of belonging with clients becoming part of a community, connecting with fellow Agillic users to exchange insights, experiences, and perspectives that transcend industries and geographies,” says Are. 

Empowering clients with Agillic 

But the true essence of this partnership lies in the value it brings to our mutual clients. 

Bas’s ability to equip clients with Agillic’s ‘all-inclusive’ marketing platform speaks volumes about the impact of this collaboration. Through an intuitive user interface, clients seamlessly navigate a multi-channel world, covering all channels ‘out-of-the-box’ and simplifying communication across various owned and paid platforms.

Clients bring their data and Bas structures the data model in Agillic based on the client’s requirements and Bas’s best practice solutions. It’s tailor-made for individual preferences. 

Bas bilde frokostseminar 1

Real-time personalisation in action

Real-time personalisation isn’t a mere buzzword at Bas; it’s a reality. 

Agillic’s APIs facilitate near real-time personalisation across diverse channels, turning customer engagement into a finely tuned orchestra. 

And it’s not just about the present — it’s about shaping the future. Clients actively influence Agillic’s evolution, ensuring that the platform remains a step ahead in meeting marketing’s shifting demands.

Are adds, “In an era where personalisation is a key differentiator, Agillic’s user-friendly approach to intricate personalisation becomes a competitive advantage.”

Clients thriving with Bas and Agillic

According to Bas, two clients stand as living testaments to the impact of their partnership with Agillic: Stiftelsen Norsk Rikstoto (Rikstoto) and Morrow Bank. 

As one of the two licensed companies offering gambling services in the Norwegian market, Rikstoto’s focus on horse racing has created a niche that sets it apart. However, operating within a market governed by stringent legislation around customer communication and facing fierce competition from international online betting services, Rikstoto realised the need to revolutionise its approach.

In 2022, Rikstoto embarked on a transformation journey by selecting Agillic as their new marketing automation platform and Tealium as their Customer Data Platform (CDP). Selected as the partner to implement these solutions, Bas brought its wealth of expertise to the table, and what unfolded was reinvention and innovation.

Within three months of project initiation, Rikstoto was actively leveraging Agillic’s capabilities to communicate effectively with their audience. The transition was seamless and efficient, so much so that they could leave their previous marketing automation solution in just a couple of months. 

Currently, Rikstoto is on a mission to create a unified brand experience, ensuring every customer interaction resonates with Rikstoto’s identity. With Agillic as the bedrock, Rikstoto envisions achieving a 360-degree customer view, where each communication contributes to a coherent narrative.

Morrow Bank, a prominent mid-sized bank serving Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish customers with credit cards and loans, embarked on an ambitious journey in 2023. 

Selecting Bas Kommunikasjon as their partner for 1-to-1 personalised customer communication, they adopted Agillic as their new omnichannel marketing automation platform. This rapid transition empowered Morrow Bank to send communications through Agillic within a remarkable 2.5 weeks from project commencement. 

Since then, Morrow Bank has seamlessly sent all their marketing emails and SMS messages through Agillic, a testament to the platform’s efficiency. Bas remains dedicated, working hand-in-hand with Morrow Bank to craft new customer journeys that ensure the bank’s communication remains personalised and impactful.

The partnership between Bas Kommunikasjon and Agillic is a story of innovation, shared values, and customer-centricity. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership and achieving even greater milestones together.

Bas workshop agillic 11 2
Rasmus Houlind, CXO, Agillic and Are Solberg, COO, Bas Kommunikasjon

The power of partnerships and why they matter 

Collaboration and integration are vital steps towards achieving success. But the true art lies in harnessing the full potential of partnerships and understanding their significance from both the customer and vendor perspectives.

According to McKinsey and Company, by 2025, approximately one-third of global sales will originate from ecosystems created through partnerships — where cross-industry players work together to develop innovative solutions. 

So what about Agillic partners? What do they gain from a partnership?

Like our Gold Solution Partner Bas in Norway, our partners gain access to new audiences and expand their reach through co-marketing initiatives with us. They work closely with our team to create content that benefits both joint customers and potential clients. 

They’re also able to provide real value to their customers by offering an omnichannel marketing automation platform that provides true 1:1 personalisation. 

Partnerships provide a direct avenue to develop deep relationships within areas that customers care about. No company exists in isolation. 

By leveraging partnerships, vendors can reinforce their value propositions and collaborate on joint solutions that cater to customers’ specific needs.

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