Partner Highlight: Cognito


In the world of marketing, where creativity and technology converge, Cognito emerges as a pioneering force. With a legacy dating back to 2002, Cognito has been a steadfast player in the marketing automation landscape. A recent partnership with Agillic, forged in 2021, has breathed new life into their business, fostering a playground of innovation centred around omnichannel marketing. 

We sat down with Pål Brun Haugen, Partner and CCO at Cognito, to delve into their journey with Agillic and the transformative value it brings.

A symphony of innovation

“Cognito is a technology-driven marketing agency that thrives on creativity, tech implementation, and managing multifaceted customer programs. Our forte lies in conceptual thinking and tackling diverse marketing challenges, regardless of company size. And our ethos is built on empathy, service, and thoroughness,” Pål Brun Haugen states.

The partnership with Agillic started in October 2021 and marked a pivotal moment for Cognito. 

It began with a shared vision to overcome the challenges of implementing gamification concepts in the Norwegian market. “Agillic’s positive collaboration, spanning technical discussions, e-learning, enablement, and unwavering support, is invaluable,” Pål adds. This synergy between Cognito and Agillic has borne fruit in various joint activities and events that engage and enlighten curious customers and prospects.

Empowering joint clients 

At the heart of this partnership lies a commitment to client success. 

Pål Brun Haugen

“Our clients using Agillic experience a seamless journey, knowing they are always well-supported. Transparent collaboration is key, and we frequently liaise with Agillic to devise optimal solutions. The Cognito + Agillic setup has proved its worth.”

— Pål Brun Haugen, Partner and CCO at Cognito

Delving into specific client cases, Pål elaborates on a standout collaboration with Multilot. Together, they harnessed Agillic to launch, a digital gamification site that channels a significant portion of payments to support local sports teams. 

According to Pål, “Sports like football, handball, tennis and hockey are often too expensive for the average family with children. To help, we developed together with Multilot. It’s a digital gamification site where ticket purchases and at least 70% of all ticket turnover are transferred directly to the team running the fundraising campaign.  

This way, the club can lower the licence cost per player, buy necessary sports equipment or pay for travel costs to cups and events — and more kids get to enjoy and benefit from sports. The goal is to return 50 million NOK to the clubs every year.”

A ‘dugnad’ is a significant aspect of Norwegian culture, promoting a sense of unity and social responsibility. In English, you could describe it as a ‘collective effort’. “However, there isn’t really a translation that fully captures the unique spirit and cultural significance that ‘dugnad’ holds in Norway,” says Pål. 

Regardless of the translation, this venture holds immense potential to empower local sports clubs, foster community engagement and enable more children to partake in sports. is the very beginning of a marketing arena where digital products in the spirit of “dugnad” and commonship meet to create income and supportive economics for everyone in sports and other cultural unions. Together with Multilot and partners, Cognito is looking forward to an exciting journey.

Cognito and Multilot
Pål Brun Haugen, Partner and CCO, Cognito and Steinar Brændeland, Executive Management, Multilot

A shared commitment to success 

When asked about what sets Agillic apart from other marketing automation platforms, Pål explains, “Agillic’s data model is effortlessly customisable, allowing every field to be harnessed for personalisation across channels. The seamless integration with social media and robust APIs adds a distinctive edge.” 

What truly distinguishes Agillic, according to Pål, is its comprehensive partner strategy that spans the entire spectrum — from presales to maintenance, and notably, support that responds in minutes, not days.

In the synergy between Cognito and Agillic, a transformative partnership thrives, redefining marketing’s contours through innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to client success. 

The power of partnerships and why they matter 

Collaboration and integration are vital steps towards achieving success. But the true art lies in harnessing the full potential of partnerships and understanding their significance from both the customer and vendor perspectives.

According to McKinsey and Company, by 2025, approximately one-third of global sales will originate from ecosystems created through partnerships — where cross-industry players work together to develop innovative solutions. 

So what about Agillic partners? What do they gain from a partnership?

Like Cognito in Norway, our partners gain access to new audiences and expand their reach through co-marketing initiatives with us. They work closely with our team to create content that benefits both joint customers and potential clients. 

They’re also able to provide real value to their customers by offering an omnichannel marketing automation platform that provides true 1-to-1 personalisation. 

Partnerships provide a direct avenue to develop deep relationships within areas that customers care about. No company exists in isolation. 

By leveraging partnerships, vendors can reinforce their value propositions and collaborate on joint solutions that cater to customers’ specific needs.

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