Partner Highlight: Dwarf

Dwarf Press Release3

At Agillic, we pride ourselves on fostering partnerships that fuel digital evolution and drive remarkable outcomes. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight our esteemed Gold Solution Partner, Dwarf

Their exceptional approach to crafting unparalleled customer experiences has exemplified the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. And it’s fueled by a desire for personalised communication. 

Thomas B Schmidt Director at Dwarf

“We see such great business opportunities with Agillic both in terms of our clients and Dwarf. That’s why we have strategically set the goal of being the largest Agillic Partner in the world.”

— Thomas B. Schmidt, Director of MarTech, Dwarf

Elevating customer-centric strategies

Dwarf’s 6-year journey with Agillic is marked by innovation and shared success. As pioneers in the digital realm, they have taken our platform’s capabilities and propelled them to new heights, redefining customer-centric strategies that showcase how our collaboration drives exceptional business value for clients.

Thomas adds, “Agillic offers just the right tool for handling complex data structures and fits perfectly to the Northern European market. With a marketing automation system as flexible and customisable as Agillic, Dwarf can create something unique for their customers. Solutions with pre-built out-of-the-box functionality can rarely do the same.”

Empowering personalised communication flows

Dwarf’s partnership with Agillic has enabled them to craft communication flows that transcend the ordinary. Through predictive churn programs, automated welcome initiatives, and more, Dwarf has showcased the power of tailored engagement and personalised communication. 

“Agillic is our differentiator. It allows us to build unique customised solutions where we add value to all relevant communication channels. Agillic allows us to make 1-to-1 communication a reality, letting us create new business for our clients and truly unique experiences,” says Thomas.

Inspiring success stories

From fighting for children’s rights to leading video game creators, Dwarf’s collaboration with Agillic has led to inspiring success stories for our mutual clients.

IO Interactive: An automated welcome program by Dwarf has revolutionised player engagement for IO Interactive, delivering a seamless gaming experience.

Danish Refugee Council: Through automated news feeds integrated with the CMS, Dwarf has empowered the Danish Refugee Council to deliver timely and relevant communication.

Children’s Rights National Association (Børns Vilkår): Dwarf’s fundraising communication setup has ignited impactful campaigns, driving support for children’s rights.

“One of Agillic’s unique propositions is open APIs that provide the means to seamlessly connect systems, creating bespoke solutions tailored to individual business needs. Plus, a set of standard integrations which are easy to implement. Agillic is also much easier to customise and personalise compared to other marketing automation platforms on the market. Their focus on customisation mirrors Dwarf’s mission to deliver truly extraordinary experiences.” — Thomas B. Schmidt, Director of MarTech, Dwarf

Continuing the journey together

As we continue to evolve in partnership, Agillic and Dwarf are poised to redefine customer experiences in groundbreaking ways. We look forward to the continued growth, innovation, and success that our collaboration will undoubtedly bring.

To Dwarf, we extend our gratitude for being visionary partners, harnessing Agillic’s potential, and setting the standard for customer-centric innovation.

Unleashing collective potential together with our Partners 

The combination of collaboration and integration is the cornerstone of success. While this is no secret, the true magic lies in unlocking the boundless potential of partnerships and recognising their profound impact from both customer and vendor standpoints.

According to the insights of McKinsey and Company, a staggering one-third of global sales are projected to emanate from partnerships-forged ecosystems by 2025. This era is marked by cross-industry collaborations crafting innovative solutions that redefine the trajectory of success.

What does a partnership with Agillic entail? How do our partners stand to gain?

Much like Dwarf, our partners thrive in accessing untapped audiences and broadening their horizons through symbiotic co-marketing ventures. They collaboratively craft content that enriches both joint clientele and potential patrons. Furthermore, they wield the power to provide real, tangible value to their customers through an omnichannel marketing automation platform, one that epitomises authentic 1-to-1 personalisation.

Recognising that no business operates in isolation, these collaborations become conduits for enhancing value propositions and building solutions that cater precisely to the unique needs of our customers.

Are you ready to start your transformative journey within our Partner ecosystem? Delve deeper into the possibilities here. Together, let’s chart a course toward unrivalled collaborative success.