Partner Highlight: Nexus Ambition

nexus ambition

At Agillic, we believe in the power of partnerships to fuel digital transformation and drive impactful results. 

For this Partner Highlight, we interviewed our Gold Solution Partner Nexus Ambition, a leading data-driven IT and digital agency in Copenhagen. 

With a focus on combining data, technology, and creativity, Nexus Ambition has become a sought-after choice for ambitious brands and organisations. 

Let’s dive into their experience as an Agillic Partner and how our collaboration adds value to their business and joint clients.

Developing data-driven customer experiences

Nexus Ambition is on a mission to develop, deliver, and activate data-driven customer experiences, supporting the entire value chain in its clients’ digital growth journey. 

Their strong technical foundation allows them to work holistically with data and data activation across the entire customer journey. By leveraging deep insights in data and technology, combined with creative execution across digital platforms, they offer a compelling alternative to traditional digital agencies and IT consultancy houses. 

This solid implementation experience allows them to implement Agillic in merely 4-6 weeks, meaning that their clients can go to market and see business results faster. 

Villy Gravengaard

“Within marketing automation systems, Agillic has a unique position, and we have yet to experience another platform that can deliver such a strong cost/value equation to our customers. We see Agillic as one of our key long-term revenue generators.”

— Villy Gravengaard, CEO, Nexus Ambition

Communicating relevantly and intelligently

The Agillic/Nexus Ambition partnership has flourished over the past three years. This long-standing collaboration has allowed us to work closely together, aligning our expertise and resources to achieve shared goals.

Nexus Ambition sees Agillic as a strong and essential partner in their pursuit of being Denmark’s strongest data and tech-focused IT and digital agency. 

Through our platform, they can effectively communicate relevant and intelligent messages to their customers’ customers. Timing and platform selection play a crucial role, and Agillic empowers Nexus Ambition to connect at the right moment, generating value for its clients.

According to Nexus Ambition: “We manage to unite business strategy, brand narrative, data, insights and technology for data-driven customer experiences across digital platforms. Value for us at Nexus Ambition is knowing that we have satisfied customers who are on a digital growth journey with an advanced data-driven digital setup.”

Delivering real difference and value

From initial strategic thoughts about the digital and technical infrastructure to the development and activation of data-driven customer experiences, Nexus Ambition and Agillic work hand in hand to drive meaningful outcomes.

Nexus Ambition states: “By having a strong partnership with Agillic, Nexus Ambition can contribute to the digital changes that create real difference and value for our customers’ business.”

When asked about how Agillic sets itself apart from other marketing automation platforms, Nexus Ambition highlighted our importance in its data-driven omnichannel solutions. 

Agillic seamlessly integrates into Nexus Ambition’s best-of-breed technology approach, enabling real-time data flow throughout the ecosystem. This integration empowers Nexus Ambition to deliver personalised and impactful customer experiences across multiple channels.

The partnership between Nexus Ambition and Agillic is a testament to the power of collaboration in the digital realm. Our ongoing collaboration empowers Nexus Ambition to communicate relevantly and intelligently, delivering outstanding results for their clients. 

We look forward to continuing our successful partnership and achieving even greater milestones together.

The power of partnerships and why they matter 

In the dynamic world of business, collaboration and integration are essential steps towards achieving success. This is no secret. However, the true art lies in harnessing the full potential of partnerships and understanding their significance from both the customer and vendor perspectives.

The importance of partnerships becomes evident when aiming for impactful victories, as joining forces with relevant vendors who add value to your customers’ experiences can yield tremendous results. Such collaborations attract new customers and foster loyalty among existing ones. Partnerships can also serve as valuable advocates, becoming effective channels for driving new business opportunities.

According to McKinsey and Company, by 2025, approximately one-third of global sales will originate from ecosystems created through partnerships — where cross-industry players work together to develop innovative solutions. 

So what about Agillic partners? What do they gain from a partnership?

Like Nexus Ambition, our partners gain access to new audiences and expand their reach through co-marketing initiatives with us. They work closely with our team to create content that benefits both joint customers and potential clients. 

They’re also able to provide real value to their customers by offering an omnichannel marketing automation platform that provides true 1-to-1 personalisation. 

Partnerships provide a direct avenue to develop deep relationships within areas that customers care about. No company exists in isolation. 

By leveraging partnerships, vendors can reinforce their value propositions and collaborate on joint solutions that cater to customers’ specific needs.

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