Partner Highlight: Responsive


At Agillic, we pride ourselves on partnerships with organisations that share our commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences and driving digital transformation. 

Today, we’re excited to shine a light on our esteemed Gold Solution Partner, Responsive.

Responsive’s unique approach to managing commercial digital transformation has positioned them as a vital player in the realm of marketing automation and personalisation. 

Their expertise extends beyond creative communication, focusing on advising and guiding businesses through digital transformation, making them a great fit for companies with a best-of-breed MarTech strategy.

Peter Schlegel

“Agillic stands out as a dedicated marketing automation solution that’s remarkably flexible, making it an ideal fit for companies embracing a best-of-breed MarTech strategy. Its unmatched adaptability sets Agillic apart, making it the top choice for organisations striving to excel in the MarTech landscape.”

— Peter Schlegel, CEO and Partner at Responsive 

Collaborative success across industries

Responsive has been a key player in the digital transformation arena for many years, working with a wide array of clients from various industries. Their expertise goes beyond marketing automation; they provide strategic counsel for the broader transformation of commercial organisations. 

Responsive is not an agency; they are a management consultancy, which sets them apart from traditional marketing agencies.

Responsive primarily works on commercial strategy, helping organisations define and implement the operating model around MarTech. While they are well-versed in using Agillic for setting up marketing flows, their main strength lies in advising on the bigger picture of digital transformation.

Partnership journey with Agillic 

“Our partnership journey with Agillic began in 2016, and it has been instrumental in achieving our ambition of personalisation at scale. Strengthening consumer relationships is a cornerstone of commercial digital transformation, and Agillic plays a crucial role in realising this goal,” notes Peter Schlegel, CEO and Partner at Responsive. 

This partnership not only brings immense value to our business but also extends its significance to our joint clients. The power of personalisation at scale resonates deeply with both organisations, creating a positive impact on the clients we serve. Agillic’s standout flexibility and ability to cater to diverse needs make it an excellent choice for organisations looking to maximise their MarTech potential.

Matas: A real-world success story

Responsive’s collaboration with Matas since 2018 is a standout example of the impact of their partnership with Agillic. Together, they have achieved remarkable results, including:

  • Increasing the share of personalised communication by over 200%
  • Developing a personalised email suppression framework to optimise email volume and prioritise valuable personalised content
  • Creating an analytical model and an experience strategy to consistently deliver personalised, brand-relevant communication to customers

As we continue to partner with Responsive, we anticipate groundbreaking developments in the world of commercial digital transformation. We extend our appreciation to Responsive for their unique contribution to our partnership and their dedication to client success.

Unleashing collective potential together with our Partners 

Collaboration and integration are the cornerstones of success, and the true magic lies in unlocking the boundless potential of partnerships and recognising their profound impact from both customer and vendor perspectives. 

According to McKinsey and Company, an astonishing one-third of global sales are expected to come from partnership-forged ecosystems by 2025. This era is defined by cross-industry collaborations that craft innovative solutions, reshaping the path to success.

So, what does it mean to partner with Agillic, and what do our partners stand to gain?

Similar to Responsive, our partners thrive by accessing untapped audiences and expanding their horizons through symbiotic co-marketing ventures. 

Together, they create content that enriches both shared clientele and potential customers. Moreover, they harness the power of an omnichannel marketing automation platform, one that embodies genuine 1-to-1 personalisation, to provide tangible value to their customers.

Recognising that no business operates in isolation, these collaborations serve as channels for enhancing value propositions and constructing solutions tailored precisely to the unique needs of our customers.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey within our Partner ecosystem? 

Explore the possibilities here, and together, let’s chart a course toward unrivalled collaborative success.