SPORTMASTER chooses Agillic

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The SPORTMASTER slogan “Crazy About Sports” is a perfect reflection of where the company is today. Customers love sports and engage in sporting activities more than ever before. SPORTMASTER’s commitment to omnichannel already earned the company an award in 2015 and now SPORTMASTER is aiming to go “from good to great”.

Following a thoroughly exploration of its system landscape needs – including the potential need for a CRM system for Klub SPORTMASTER – the company chose the Danish supplier of marketing automation, Agillic, which also supplies the platform for an array of customer programs, including Santander Bank, Club Matas, Sydbank Favorit, DSB+, and Norgesgruppen. SPORTMASTER’s customer club is among the largest in Denmark, boasting more than 700,000 members who interact with and shop at SPORTMASTER through every available channel.


Stefan Kirkedal, Omnichannel Manager at SPORTMASTER, says:

“With our existing setup, we had difficulty fully utilising our potential for repeat business and customer loyalty. It was simply too heavy and the ‘time to market’ was far too long. One of the first success criteria for the new setup is a clean configuration that enables automated execution of campaigns when a given group of customers matches defined criteria. For example, if the customer previously purchased an FCK player jersey, the customer will automatically receive a message via his or her preferred channel the minute a new model hits the store shelves.”

Stefan continues:

“We chose Agillic because they make it extremely easy to configure automated communication based on customer data. The heads of our marketing, customer club and e-commerce will finally be able to execute effective communication based on the extensive data we collect – whether it’s via e-mail, text message, app or in-store. It’s not only an effective tool for us, we also expect it to provide a better and more relevant customer experience for our most loyal customers. Meanwhile, all data stays on Danish soil with Agillic – and that’s good news for everyone who values data security and privacy.”

Agillic is pleased to welcome SPORTMASTER. Rasmus Houlind, Chief Strategy Officer at Agillic, says:

“We are delighted that yet another large retail brand like SPORTMASTER has become a customer. They have previously been recognized for excellence in their omnichannel activities, so we are proud that they’ve come to us to take their system to the next level.”

Rasmus also notes:

“We are currently seeing a second wave of system purchases by companies that previously used more email-oriented marketing systems, where they had to upload various lists before launching a campaign. You could kind of compare it to riding around with a horse and carriage. In an integrated setup with Agillic, marketing departments will feel like they suddenly went from a horse and carriage to setting speed records in a brand new Tesla.”

The implementation is currently underway, in cooperation with the dialogue agency Hjaltelin Stahl Direct, and the system is expected to go live during the summer of 2016.


  • SPORTMASTER is Denmark’s largest sporting goods chain, with one of the country’s largest customer clubs.
  • Founded in 1976, the chain now has more than 1,000 employees in 107 stores across the country.
  • In 2015, the company won the Danish E-commerce Association’s omnichannel award, reaping praise for its organizational approach to omnichannel and their goal of going from “Good to Great”.
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About Agillic:

  • Agillic is marketing automation software developed in Denmark.

  • The company powers customer clubs for clients including Matas, DSB+, Sydbank, Mofibo and MaxiZoo.

  • Business partner with agencies such as Wunderman, Responsive, Hjaltelin Stahl Direct, Kaplan and Ogilvy.

  • Find out more about Agillic at

For more information, contact:

Rasmus Houlind, Chief Strategy Officer, Agillic, +45 53 88 65 55.