Spotlight on Support: All about our product specialists

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Our Support department is a team of smart and dedicated product specialists. Their job is to know everything about Agillic and to apply that knowledge to help users excel and achieve their business goals.

The Support Team offers help with any technical challenges and provides the opportunity for sparring on the product’s solutions.

What does that mean exactly?

Basically, they spend their days sitting inside the Agillic platform and becoming the experts that our clients need them to be. Agillic is a platform that keeps giving, and our team of dedicated product specialists keep discovering small-edge places in the system. That’s also one of the things that makes Agillic great because it has so many sophisticated features and capabilities that you might not be aware of.

The ambition of Support is to help partners and clients succeed in using the Agillic platform to accomplish their business goals. They want users to feel confident and at home in Agillic so that they can work both efficiently and creatively.

If you ask any of our product specialists in Support, they’ll tell you that their goal is to enable users to be ‘mini specialists’ in Agillic — they want you to know how to get the most out of the platform.

The team goes about this in 3 key ways: through training, the Knowledge Base content and support. 

1. Training

Every new Agillic client receives initial custom training based on their business needs, designed to equip them with the basic skills necessary to start working with the platform. Supplemental training is available as needed to show users how to deploy any desired channel or feature on Agillic. 

2. Knowledge Base

The Support Team is continually developing the Knowledge Base, a comprehensive library offering instruction and advice on all things Agillic. The team devotes significant time to expanding the platform, with the aim of building a thorough guide which can be accessed 24/7.

3. Live Support

Finally, the team offers live support, wherein they answer queries of various complexity. They are careful not only to only solve the problem but also to explain the solution so that users avoid repeating it.

If a query comes up multiple times, they turn it into a how-to article for the Knowledge Base, so that all Agillic users can benefit from the explanation.

About the Team

The team’s daily tasks range from sparring with partners and clients, solving queries, developing and refining the product, training users and creating Support content for the Knowledge Base. It takes a special skill set to manoeuvre a role with such a wide range of responsibilities.

The key to being a good product specialist is curiosity, an interest in tech and a tenacious desire to get to the bottom of things — paired with the people skills to convey all that in a personable and professional manner.

This blend of technical expertise and friendly ease has enabled Agillic’s Support Team to build close relationships with partners and clients over time. Ultimately, it is this that makes the Support Team unique, and why many say Support is definitive of their Agillic experience.

Want to make the most of Agillic? Know these 3 things

  1. How to troubleshoot: Users can use the tools available in Agillic to quickly and easily solve any challenge that arises. Check out the Knowledge Base series on how to troubleshoot.
  2. Utilise the Knowledge Base: There is so much clarifying instructional content on there that enables partners and clients to make the most of the platform.
  3. Learn by doing: Agillic is a great tool, but getting comfortable within the platform does require practice. The more time users spend in Agillic, the more competent they will become, and the better they will be able to capitalise on everything the platform has to offer.

Where is the Support Team headed?

Going forward, the team aims to focus on equipping Agillic users to master the platform themselves by providing in-depth training and broadening the Knowledge Base.

By equipping partners and clients to answer their own Agillic questions, the team will be better able to help all users. Ultimately, this will give them the flexibility to ensure that every user’s needs are met as Agillic grows and introduces new features.

As the company scales, the team is dedicated to offering the support that has made all the difference for so many of our partners and clients.