The TV2 Regions, Danish broadcast company, uses Agillic to deliver personalised news

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Personalisation is on the rise. Also, when it comes to news consumption. In a crowded digital media landscape – where the media are competing for attention – relevance, and personalisation can make all the difference. We are happy to announce that Agillic, together with its partner Dwarf, is helping the TV2 Regions procure a personalised news flow based on the individual user’s preferences.

Agillic’s partner, Dwarf, has developed a brand-new infrastructure featuring a modern website and CMS for the TV2 Regions. Content from across the seven regions in the TV2 family now resides centrally in a shared platform. The new solution offers many advantages and opportunities, one of them being the enablement of automated distribution of personalised news based on interest.

Says Claus Ladefoged, Head of Digital Development at the TV2 Regions: 

“We are looking forward to putting all of our content into play in a more personalised way. Apart from the editor’s choice, the individual newsletter subscriber has the option to receive content related to, for example, a specific city or within particular topics, such as sports or politics. This way, we accommodate the variance in news criteria from person to person.” With the solution, the TV2 Regions have made a future-proof value-creating digital investment that caters to journalists in terms of user-friendliness and lays the groundwork for a superior customer experience. With an automated and personalised news distribution, users will engage more with the content, thereby increasing the value of each content piece – and of the TV2 Regions to its newsletter subscribers.

Says Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic: 

“Dwarf has created a highly user-centric solution to the TV2 Regions, and it is a textbook example of what is possible when you combine strategy and business development with creativity and tech. At Agillic, we are happy to contribute, and look forward to supporting the TV2 Regions in delivering personalised news that will engage the users and contribute to differentiating the TV2 Regions’ brand even more.”

Says Thomas B. Schmidt, Client Director at Dwarf: 

“Agillic’s long-standing experience with advanced data models as a method of creating personalised communication is a significant value-add to the solution we have built – and I am certain that the TV2 Regions and the news consumers will benefit from and appreciate the personalised news flows.”

For further information, please contact

Emre Gürsoy, CEO, Agillic A/S
+45 3078 4200 

About the TV2 Regions

The TV2 Regions consist of seven regional TV stations and have more than 880.00 viewers daily. The regions are independent and self-governing institutions and have editorial and economic independence from TV2/Danmark. Apart from producing news stories for the regional programmes and social media channels, they supply content to, for example, TV2 Nyhederne and TV2 News.

About Dwarf

Dwarf unites design and technology to create exceptional customer experiences. Established 20 years ago, today the company has 50 employees and has delivered numerous innovative digital projects encompassing the entire customer journey.

About Agillic A/S

Agillic is a Nordic software company enabling marketers to maximise the use of data and translate it into relevant and personalised communication establishing strong relations between people and brands. Our customer marketing platform uses AI to enhance the business value of customer communication. By combining data-driven customer insights with the ability to execute personalised communication, we provide our clients with a head start in the battle of winning markets and customers. 

Besides the company headquarter in Copenhagen, Agillic has sales offices in London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), as well as a development unit in Kyiv (Ukraine). For further information, please visit 

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