Transactional Emails: Consistency for Value

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Today, most businesses still send their email communications through two separate systems: one for marketing communications, and one for transactional emails. This separation is suboptimal for both your customers and your business. With Agillic, you are able to send both out from the same platform, which offers you a series of advantages. By sending both your marketing and transactional emails from Agillic, you are able to streamline and unify your email communications, collect and deploy universal customer data, and maintain brand consistency – all while still sending from separate domains to ensure high delivery rates to the right customers.

What are Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are one-to-one communications containing information specifically relevant to some action that a user or customer has taken. In contrast to marketing emails, to which subscribers must opt-in, transactional emails can be sent without permissions. 


Transactional emails provide an opportunity to interact with a far broader customer base than can be reached through marketing communications. Since transactional emails have a high engagement rate, they can help you to increase conversion. By reusing personalisation across channels, more people can interact with your content while you create branding alignment across email disciplines. Supplemental material in transactional emails enables you to add value to customers and can help you gain the permissions you need to send marketing information.

When you use the Agillic platform for transactional emails, you can facilitate unified reporting for optimal data collection and full oversight over what communications each customer has received.

To ensure high delivery, transactional emails are sent using a different domain to marketing emails. This makes it possible to respect unsubscribe and complaints on the marketing email domain whilst making sure that all customers get the transactional emails they need without mixing the two up. This also means that they are more certain to arrive in your customers’ inboxes, as they are less likely to be marked as spam. 

Despite these benefits, there are several key considerations when sending transactional emails. You are responsible to use data lawfully, transparently and fairly; a failure to do so can result in legal repercussions. You must consider the scope and purpose of your transactional emails, and be sure to operate in line with the GDPR.

Transactional Email Use Cases

There are myriad types of transactional emails. A few of the most common examples are as follows: 

  • Welcome emails, which confirm your new user or customer’s enrollment with your brand and welcome them to your service, platform or organisation. The welcome email provides the first opportunity to set the tone of your brand and communication.

  • Two-factor authentication emails, which create additional security by requiring confirmation when any attempt is made to log into a customer’s account on your platform.

  • Password reset emails, which enable your customers to reset their passwords when they have been locked out of their account due to forgotten account information.

  • Order confirmation and e-receipt emails, which confirm and provide proof of their recent purchase on your platform.

  • Shipping notification emails, which alert customers that a purchase they have made on your platform is in transit.

Add-ons and attachments

With Agillic, you can include relevant attachments and supplemental information in your transactional emails. This creates value and brand loyalty without jeopardising GDPR. For example: 

  • Retailers can send product care, use or sourcing information

  • NGOs and charities can include relevant petitions or donation information

  • Travel and leisure companies can include suggestions for attractions and activities

  • Finance companies can include contact information for financial advisors and information about upcoming events

  • Subscription companies can include event or company information.


Organisations can link to their website or include further brand information, so long as none of it directly pushes sales. 

Want to learn more?

Transactional emails are a golden opportunity for your company to demonstrate consistency and professionalism while adding value to your customers. 


It only takes a few steps to get started sending your transactional emails from the Agillic platform. To learn more about how to use and implement transactional emails with Agillic, please read the explanatory article on our Knowledge Base. Read the article


To find out more, reach out to Bo Sannung for a demo.