Webinar Recap: Humanising the customer experience

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On Wednesday 9 December, Agillic’s UK Sales Manager Charlie Oldham held a livestreamed conversation with Mario Kyriacou from partner Ratio all about how to humanise the customer experience. 

The webinar covered topics spanning from how to build a human-centric digital experience, leveraging AI to scale those experiences, the ultimate importance of data density, and how to pair this data with the proper technology to act in real-time and cyclically deepen the understanding of your customer. 

Kyriacou outlined some of the key questions marketers should ask themselves to determine their omnichannel readiness: 

  • Is the customer experience built around their needs?
  • Are the journeys tailored to them individually, or do you offer only a one-size-fits-all communication output?
  • Can customers pick up where they left off at their touchpoints with you?
  • Are the journeys tailored to them individually?  

“The customer is dead, long live the human being”

Putting people at the center of your business is both strategic and mutually beneficial for you and your customer, deepening customer lifetime value for your business and enabling you to meet your customers’ exact needs. To exemplify how this works in practice, Oldham illustrated how a new sneaker could be marketed on all different levels of omnichannel maturity – starting with the most basic level, where everyone in a company’s email database gets the same email with the entire new shoe collection. He explains the steps to scale up at each level, with the “omnichannel nirvana” level as the goal – wherein individual customers receive messages eight months after they bought their last shoes with recommendations tailored to their foot type and style preferences, across their preferred channels. Further, when those same customers enter the store, the wifi recognises their app, welcomes them, refers them to their recommended items, and notifies the sales representative so they can upsell the next most relevant items.

Ultimately, reaching this level of omnichannel maturity requires primarily seeing your consumers as people, and not just a customer. Only then can you put their needs at the center of your business and communication, deepening loyalty and creating a mutually beneficial and close relationship between brand and consumer. To learn more about how you can do this in your organisation, watch the webinar.

Watch the webinar