Webinar Recap: How to use a BI tool to leverage insights into Agillic performance data

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On Tuesday, 8 December, Agillic hosted Kjell Wittmaack and Bo Reenberg from NexusOne to discuss how to use a BI tool to get more out of your Agillic data. Although Agillic does have its own built-in reporting module, you can learn more from your Agillic data by using a tool designed to leverage detailed insights. Although this webinar included a demo of Microsoft PowerBI, Agillic also integrates with Qlik, AWS Quicksight and many more. 

First, the presenters outlined why a BI tool helps supplement your Agillic data. You will need a BI tool if you want ROI reporting and detailed drill-down into your data to know more about your customers. It is very important to document your customers’ journeys and the messaging you send out in order to create highly strategic communication going forward. Using a BI tool also enables you to pair your Agillic data with data from other sources, facilitating an even more granular understanding of your customer – both in terms of how they behave and what drives this behaviour.

Wittmaack then gave a demo of PowerBI, wherein he showed key capabilities including: 

  • An example of an events report
  • How to segment email communication data for analysis
  • How to use a data model build new insights

PowerBI makes it easy to sort, segment and store your data in myriad ways, so you are able to find exactly what you sent, when and to whom at any point in time. This allows you to learn from your data – both from your organisation and from your customer – to make the right marketing moves going forwards.

It is important to maximise the insights you can gain from a platform as powerful as Agillic. Using an intuitive BI tool will enable you to leverage the deepest possible insights into the data you collect, which can in turn be employed to build even more personal and powerfully relevant communication in Agillic. This pairing allows you to hone your customer view and reach an optimal state of omnichannel marketing. 

To find out more about how PowerBI works and how you can use it to get even more out of your Agillic data, click the button to watch the webinar.

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