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Software company Agillic is pleased to add Swedish Bonnierförlagen, part of the Bonnier Group, a leading publishing house, to its portfolio of media and publishing houses. 

Agillic has a strategic focus on the retail, finance, travel & hospitality and NGO & charity sectors as well as businesses using a subscription business model, such as media and publishing houses. Winning Bonnierförlagen, Agillic continues to grow its client base of media and publishing houses. 

“Winning a new client is always an act of trust, and we are proud that a brand of Bonnierförlagen’s calibre has chosen Agillic. We are looking forward to helping them achieve their business objectives of creating personalised communication as a means to increase the customer lifetime value and capitalise on the investment made in acquiring the customer,“ says Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic.

“It is Bonnierförlagen’s ambition to work with data-driven, personalised and engaging communication that is also profitable. We believe there is a good match between our business objectives and what Agillic is enabling us to do. With Agillic’s ease of use and fast time to value, we feel confident that we can achieve the business results and the value we are looking for. Ultimately, Agillic is going to help us keep our customers happily reading,“ says Per Adebratt, Marketing Automation Specialist at Bonnierförlagen.

Subscription as a business model is gaining currency across the industries that Agillic serves. Media and publishing houses, such as Bonnierförlagen, generate a substantial revenue stream from subscriptions to, for example, a monthly book or a magazine. Agillic has helped several subscription businesses achieve solid business results, among other things, reducing the churn rate, which is the Achilles’ heel of most subscription businesses. Agillic’s reference cases from subscription businesses, such as Egmont Publishing, Aller Media, Storytel and Fitness World, show that relevant and personalised communication across channels providing a holistic and engaging customer experience, is effective leverage to reduce churn. 

Sweden is an attractive market with high digital maturity, and it is one of the key markets in Agillic’s internationalisation and expansion strategy. With Bonnierförlagen on board, the Company continues its international expansion. 

For further information, please contact:

Emre Gürsoy, CEO

Agillic A/S
+45 3078 4200

Per Adebratt, Marketing Automation Specialist
Bonnierförlagen AB

About Bonnierförlagen

The family owned company Bonnierförlagen is Sweden’s leading publishing house. Their vision is to spread stories that touch, inform, entertain and develop. The first book publisher in the group, Albert Bonniers Förlag, was founded in 1837, and is today Sweden’s largest publisher.

About Agillic A/S

Agillic is a Nordic software company enabling marketers to maximise the use of data and translate it into relevant and personalised communication establishing strong relations between people and brands. Our customer marketing platform uses AI to enhance the business value of customer communication. By combining data-driven customer insights with the ability to execute personalised communication, we provide our clients with a head start in the battle of winning markets and customers. 

Besides the company headquarter in Copenhagen, Agillic has sales offices in London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), and Zurich (CH), as well as a development unit in Kyiv (Ukraine). For further information, please visit www.agillic.com

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