The future of business is personal: Why personalisation is the key to your success

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Hear that? 

It’s noise. 

Lots and lots of noise. 

And we’re not talking about the guy next to you who won’t stop talking about that restaurant you simply must try. We’re talking digital noise. 

The digital marketing landscape that you’re trekking through every day is more competitive than ever. If you want to slice through the clamour, you have to create personalised experiences.

Sounds easy enough. But with the latest privacy policies and frightening acronyms like GDPR and CCPA floating around, marketing personalisation isn’t as easy as slapping {contact.firstname} at the start of a newsletter. 

The only way to cut through the noise with katana-like precision is with first-party data collected from consumers. 

If you’re not able to build these personalised relationships and give customers the experiences they’re after, it’s time to change your omnichannel marketing automation platform.

A unified message across all channels

Consumers don’t want to feel like sales targets. They’re actual people, and they want you to know it. In fact, 71% of them expect personalisation and 76% will get frustrated and go somewhere else when they don’t get it. 

Omnichannel marketing automation gives customers content — from SMS and email to the ads they see on IG — in a personalised way, based on where they are in the customer journey. 

Think of it as a unified message — one that picks up exactly where that customer is in the process of buying or growing into a loyal ambassador for your brand. 

If a customer starts a purchase on your website but then abandons the cart, the mobile app will recognize that and automatically carry out the next level of engagement.

People own more devices than ever before and often bounce between channels during the purchasing process. The right omnichannel marketing platform has personalisation features built-in, making it easy to meet customers where they are.

The numbers speak for themselves

  • 80% of customers prefer omnichannel strategies because of the seamless communication experience
  • Omnichannel marketing boosts purchase frequency by 250% and AOV by 13%
  • Omnichannel campaigns have a 90% higher customer retention rate than single-channel marketing
  • Google reports a 30% higher lifetime value from omnichannel customers

It’s not enough to just be multi-channel

Omnichannel marketing puts the customer at the centre of everything you do. 

Providing an omnichannel marketing experience means that all of your sales approaches combine into one seamless method of communicating and engaging with your customers. 

This separates it from multichannel experiences where unique, separate channels run independently of each other. 

With omnichannel marketing, the message changes and adapts based on how the customer has interacted with the various channels. You can’t do that with multi-channel marketing alone — despite how great the platform you use is. 

When you realise that today’s consumer wants a seamless and integrated shopping experience — and 86% are willing to pay 25% more to have it — then you know it’s time to switch to an omnichannel marketing automation platform. 

Agillic makes personalisation possible

The customer journey isn’t a straight line. 

With phones in 7.3 billion hands across the globe, your customer can quickly leave one channel and hop on another, entering and ending their journey from a hundred different touchpoints. 

Agillic offers omnichannel marketing automation to make it easy for you and your team to reach out at every point along the way. 

And it’s fully automated, meaning you can react immediately without hiring new staff or increasing your marketing budget. 

“Before working with the Agillic platform, seven marketers were working full-time setting up and executing bulk campaigns with no personalisation. With Agillic, we’ve doubled our activity level and output, and thanks to automation, the team can work more efficiently with fewer resources.” —  Malthe Cederborg, CMO of Miinto

With a platform like Agillic, the noise, the scary acronyms (remember GDPR), and the journey itself become clearer. We make it easy for your marketing team to put together and personalise strategies to target certain sets of individuals, based on the type of data you collect. 

This gives you the freedom to focus on getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

“We had the data, but we weren’t able to activate it for personalised communication. With Agillic, we’ve had a 50% drop in churn rate and boosted email open rates to 40%. We moved from ‘everything to everybody’ to ‘this is for you’. And it’s clearly driving results.” — Hilde Thorjussen, CRM manager at TV2 Norway

In the end, it’s all about providing value to your customers and creating a great experience that makes them come back. 

That takes personalisation. 

Book a free demo with Agillic to see how we make it easy for you to reach every customer based on their purchase, website behaviour and search.