Setting the Cornerstones for Omnichannel Fundraising - Client Case

Setting the Cornerstones for Omnichannel Fundraising

Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation, and in Denmark, more than 500,000 donors are contributing; some are members, others are one-off donors. In order to create loyalty and prevent churn, it is a strategic priority for Danish Red Cross to use an omnichannel approach and communicate more personalised.When Danish Red Cross was looking for a successor to their customer engagement tool, Agillic was chosen, based on, among other things, a solid, and high performance, scalability, the ability to manage large datasets and its omnichannel capability.

The project was started in January and by March the first activities were executed. Data was migrated, a new data model was built, new templates were implemented and flows were set up.

“Many claim easy onboarding and short time to value. But with Agillic, this is exactly what we experienced: claim and reality were a match. Of course, there were bumps on the road, but the Agillic team was very dedicated to helping us,”
says Mikkel Wraae Hansen, Marketing Automation Specialist with Danish Red Cross.

Red Cross was planning to reuse their data model, but realising the opportunities within the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform, they decided to build a new data model from scratch to profit fully from the modelling and data aggregation opportunities.


Fundraising via text messages

Due to their effectiveness, text messages have a high priority for Red Cross, and the organisationhas experienced significant improvements as Agillic supports a fast delivery which optimises the donations:

“The speed with which Agillic handles even large amounts of text messages is a major advantage for us. All of our messages can be sent within minutes, which enables us to hit the ideal send time and achieve high conversion rates and value. Previously, we were sending out 25 text messages per second, starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon – meaning that only a fraction of the text messages were delivered at an opportune moment,” says Mikkel Wraae Hansen.

“Fundraising via text messaging has very high efficiency and when we started doing this out of the Agillic platform, the average turnover per text message increased significantly. If we look at the value of the achieved conversions in text messages, Agillic has contributed to an uplift of 60%. For email the uplift constitutes around 120%,” says Charlotte Albrechtsen Christensen and continues: “Setting up an email has become much easier, and what used to take a day can now be done within 45 minutes. This is most valuable to us, as we will be exchanging parts of our printed communication with personalised email flows.”

»Agillic supports our strategic objective of creating loyalty – and on an operational level, the platform enables us to be more efficient in our daily work.«

Charlotte Albrechtsen Christensen,
Head of Individual Giving, Fundraising and Marketing at Danish Red Cross

Next step: personalised omnichannel fundraising

Red Cross has a clear vision of how they want to work with data and of what they want to achieve from the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform. With the foundation in place, they are ready take on omnichannel fundraising and more personalised communication:

“We are gradually deploying more personalised communication. However, change doesn’t happen overnight, and it is a process to have an organisation understand, for example, the benefits of trigger-based communication compared to the traditional campaign burst. Together with Agillic, we have laid the foundation. Now we are ready to build more complex communication flows and to go omnichannel – and looking into AI-driven communication is definitely also on our radar,” says Charlotte Albrechtsen Christensen.

Benefits from working with Agillic

    • Speedy onboarding and fast time to value
    • Smooth integration to existing systems, such as data warehouse, SMS gateway and various data sources
    • New data model purged of doublets and flexible to work with in terms of aggregating and modelling data
    • Emails are much faster to prepare, freeing time to do more strategic work
    • Personalised communication enhances relevance and loyalty
    • The value of email conversion rates up by 120% and of text messages up by 60%
    • Single customer view enables the reuse of rules for personalisation in all channels.
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