Agillic veranstaltet in regelmäßigen Abständen Webinare (englisch sowie deutschsprachig) über Omnichannel Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer Experience und vieles mehr.

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Webinar personalisiertes Omnichannel-Marketing

Erfahren Sie in unserem letzten Webinar, wie Agillic es den deutschen Retail Unternehmen ermöglicht, die kinderleicht offline & online Kundenerlebnisse zu erschaffen!

Sehen Sie sich die Aufzeichnung an, um zu erfahren
…wie Sie ihre Kundenfrequenz & die Verweildauer im Online & Offline Shop erhöhen
…wie Sie bereits mit wenigen Kundendaten einzigartige & personalisierte Einkaufserlebnisse erschaffen können
…wie man die Kundenfrequenz erhöht, indem man mehr auf Familien setzt
…wie Sie das Einkaufskorbvolumen der Kunden sowohl Offline als auch Online im Shop erhöhen können


Webinar Data-Driven Marketing

Agillic hat in Kollaboration mit unserem deutschen Partner „Cloudbridge“ ein deutschsprachiges Webinar zum Thema „Data-Driven Marketing“ gehalten. Erfahren Sie in unserem letzten Webinar, wie Agillic es den deutschen Unternehmen ermöglicht ihre Datenzentriertheit zu erhöhen!


Webinar: How to succeed with your product feed

Product feed data is at the heart of any e-commerce business. Learn how Kop & Kande is using personalisation to maximise ROI. Watch the webinar recording to hear how Kop & Kande optimises and activates product feeds in automated marketing and get expert tips on how to maximise ROI from feed-based marketing campaigns.


Turn Customer Service into a Revenue Driver

Modern consumers expect consistent brand experiences across all touchpoints and interactions, regardless of company function or system. Good customer service and marketing both involve high degrees of customer interaction, and both are pursuing the same goals: creating customer loyalty, which in turn creates more revenue.

This webinar hosted by Agillic and Zendesk teaches you how to enrich your customers’ profiles in Zendesk for Service platform with data from your marketing communication.


Data Doesn’t Equal Success

Quality data is key to successful communications – but if your marketers hands are tied sorting through it for months, they can’t execute on those communications. At the end of the day, your performance relies on your marketing team having free hands to transform their ideas into impactful marketing activities.


The Top Ten Pitfalls of Omnichannel Marketing

At Dansk Erhverv’s Omnichannel Conference, Agillic’s CXO Rasmus Houlind discussed the top ten pitfalls for omnichannel marketing. Houlind presented these pitfalls as “how to make failure certain”, using examples of companies who have gone against these practices and failed to fail (i.e. succeeded).


Top ten challenges when creating a Single Customer View

 Agillic’s CXO Rasmus Houlind and Novicell’s Data Value Manager Jens Grønkjær hosted this webinar on the challenges and best practices of utilizing your customer data to personalize communication.


In the Moment Customer Experience

Watch this webinar to learn how, in a world with a constantly changing landscape and demanding audience base, Aller Media are collecting and activating their data to be ‘in the moment’ and keep customers and advertisers alike at the heart of what they do.


How to avoid being sacked when using hyper-personalisation

Last week, Agillic CXO Rasmus Houlind discussed how marketers can reap the benefits of hyper-personalisation while minimising the risks – and avoiding being fired.


Fact Checking Personalisation

There is a lot of hype around marketing personalisation – but how can you distinguish buzzwords from lucrative trends and real opportunities? Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage marketing automation to scale and refine customer experience and more.​


Humanising the Customer Experience

In this webinar, presenters Charlie from Agillic and Mario from Ratio explored how companies can leverage customer data to deliver humanised and hyper-personalised communication and experiences, creating the ultimate customer experience. ​


Tre steg mot engasjerte givere og lojale medlemmer

Line fra Bas og Rasmus fra Agillic snakker om hvordan organisasjoner kan lykkes med å skape engasjerte og lojale støttespillere. Webinaret tar for seg praktiske erfaringer, råd og gode kundespørsmål innen teknologi og automatisering av kundedialoger; og mye mer.​

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How to use a BI tool to leverage insights into Agillic performance data

You know how important it is to draw on data when making decisions for your organisation – but how can you deepen your data insights to improve your options and achieve the best possible results? Rewatch this webinar to find out.


How marketing automation can turn transactions into customer relationships

Do you know how your business can use omnichannel communications to deepen customer relationships? Learn how NGOs, retailers and subscription businesses can easily onboard onto Agillic and leverage individual transactions into recurrent ones to massively boost the bottom line.


From Newsletters to Omnichannel Marketing

Companies who base their customer loyalty strategy primarily on manual editorial email-newsletters are making 50% less than they could. Learn how orchestration of both campaigns and customer lifecycle communication across channels can double your marketing revenue.​


Collecting and Utilising Net Promoter Score (NPS) Data

Are you getting the most out of your net promoter scores? Watch this webinar, hosted by Agillic’s own Kenneth Rasmussen, to understand how to unlock and interpret data you’re already collecting. ​


Using Agillic Web Tracking for Automated Communication

Are you getting the most out of your communication with your customers and leads? Their online behaviour on your website can tell you a lot about them… do you know how to utilise the data?​


The Case for Doing Something Different

Everybody wants to create great customer experiences. In this webinar, Søren Ravn from Responsive will take you through how to think differently about CX. By activating key ingredients such as your brand and your data, you can create experiences your customers will remember.​


From Email Marketing, to Marketing Automation

In this webinar, Rasmus Houlind highlights important considerations to make before transitioning towards automated marketing. The webinar will show you the benefits of an automated marketing approach, and explains the benefits of an omnichannel approach.​


Value of the Omnichannel Customer

In this webinar, Rasmus Houlind discusses omnichannel tactics SPORTMASTER. The Danish retailer has successfully bridged the gap between online and physical shops to provide a more holistic, customer-centric experience – resulting in a significant boost to customer value.​


Scaling Personalised Communication Webinar

During this one-hour webinar Rasmus Houlind covers the newest trends and opportunities of AI-driven marketing automation, including how to explore the possibilities of marketing automation, deep dive into data and increase relevance with AI and more.​

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Sehen Sie sich unsere Videos und Webinare an, um Einblicke in die Vorteile zu erhalten, die sich aus einem Omnichannel-basierten Marketingansatz ergeben. Sowie Einblicke in die Best Practices und kreativen Lösungen, die Sie benötigen, um das Beste daraus zu machen.


Act on Insight

Take a peek at our vision of how companies can interact with customers across all channels by acting on insight.


Omnichannel Marketing: Is there a Secret Sauce?

Rasmus Houlind, Chief Strategy Officer of Agillic, whips up the main ingredients for omnichannel marketing to give you all the answers to the what, the why and the how.


Agillic Summit19 Vibes

More than 600 guests, CMOs, marketers and other good people got together in The Royal Danish Playhouse devoting a day to exploring the naked truth about Omnichannel Marketing. Watch video and tap into the vibe of Agillic Summit19.