Partner Highlight: Web2Media


At Agillic, we believe that partnerships are instrumental in helping businesses unlock their full growth potential. In this Partner Highlight, we’re thrilled to showcase our successful collaboration with our Gold Solution Partner Web2Media.

Together, we’ve been able to deliver personalised campaigns, automate customer journeys, and achieve exceptional results for our joint clients. 

Jacob Web2Media

“The partnership between Web2Media and Agillic has been a good fit from the beginning, and in some ways transformative, for our common clients. Agillic empowers us to deliver personalised campaigns, automated customer journeys, and drive exceptional results for our clients. The platform’s flexible data model in combination with Agillics proactive and partner-driven focus, make them an invaluable partner in our success.”

Jacob Fusager, Head of Marketing Automation, Web2Mediar

Unleashing digital business potential

Web2Media is the preferred digital business partner for many Danish and international B2B and B2C companies. They’re dedicated to helping businesses maximise their return on digital marketing efforts and achieve sustainable growth. 

With a team of over 75 skilled experts in digital marketing in Aarhus and in Copenhagen, Web2Media is well-equipped to tackle any marketing challenge. Their holistic approach emphasises the synergy between different channels and initiatives throughout the customer journey, ultimately driving customer purchases and increasing customer lifetime value.

‘Give More, Get More’ is the DNA of Web2Media. Jacob adds, “It’s in our body, mind, and spirit. In everything we do, we are driven by the opportunity to help other businesses reach their goals. We believe that if we give more we and our clients get more and that is the mindset and our core foundation.”

A solid partnership since 2018

The partnership between Web2Media and Agillic dates back to 2018, and it has been a great fit from the beginning. This long-standing collaboration has allowed both businesses to combine their respective strengths, driving outstanding performance and fostering long-lasting relationships with our mutual clients.

According to Jacob Fusager, “The platform’s flexible data model, combined with Agillic’s proactive and partner-driven focus, make them an invaluable partner in our success. We are very pleased to be an Agillic Gold partner.”


Adding value to joint clients’ business

The partnership with Agillic has played a pivotal role in enhancing Web2Media’s capabilities and delivering remarkable outcomes. Their dedication to challenging the status quo and continuously improving technical setups and performance aligns perfectly with our platform’s capabilities. 

Web2Media emphasises: “Our Agillic clients have ambitions within marketing automation, and so do we on their behalf. With Agillic’s flexible data model and wide range of possibilities, we can deliver personalised solutions that help them succeed.”

One standout example is Bolia, a Danish furniture design company. For Bolia, it’s important to give every customer a seamless experience, regardless of whether they shop in the store or on the web. 

That means a high expectation to deliver personalised content, regardless of the touchpoint, without losing the brand’s visual identity. Naturally, this is also reflected in their omnichannel marketing automation. With over 300,000 subscribers and 700,000 registered customers spread over 12 different markets, it’s crucial to have a setup and a marketing automation platform that can handle the complexity and amount of data and content they have. 

To reach this ambitious target, Web2Media developed an approved app/connector that connects Agillic with Facebook and pushes all offline transactions daily to Facebook. This updated offline data in Facebook allows Bolia to optimise offline conversions and make use of the large visit functionality.

Another key factor in Bolia’s success is the integration from the Point of Sale (POS) to Agillic, which enables the seller in the store to send a personal offer by email to the customer. This personalised message and offer is stored on the user in Agillic and displayed, as long as relevant, as a promotion to the customer in all communication channels.

But Web2Media didn’t stop with these upgrades nor with the NPS setup or automation of pre- and post-purchase email flows and up-sell and cross-sell promotions. 

They went further and helped Bolia create an unexpected extra for customers — a video engine that uses transactional data from the customer’s order to create a personal video greeting. This is sent to the customer before delivery of, for example, their new sofa. 

Click here to see an example of how Web2Media takes personalisation beyond what is expected and turns it into something magical. 

With this ingenious solution, Bolia can be present during the entire purchase journey and support their customers. And ultimately, despite long delivery times, build the joy of anticipation. According to Jacob, “It’s data and technology in perfect interaction with visual expression and emotion.” To us, it’s a clear indication of their Give More, Get More approach. 

How does it actually work? Jacob explains, “Order data is delivered from Bolia’s ERP to our self-developed video engine. Based on this data and combined with other general data, it builds a personalised video for the customer. This video data is then sent to Agillic, which automatically triggers the email flow with a link to the video on Bolia’s website. All via API calls between the different systems.” 

Another client success story of the Web2Media and Agillic partnership is The North Jutland Media House (Det Nordjyske Mediehus). 

Web2Media migrated this client from a different marketing automation platform to Agillic, where they gathered all their brands, which were previously divided into two different systems. 

Here, a scalable data model was built from the ground up, allowing The North Jutland Media House to optimise its digital efforts and create a better experience for the subscribers through marketing automation. 

All brand emails are 100% automatic in terms of content, whereas all articles are feed-based. In a media house that delivers news, it must run smoothly and safely.

Similarly, Indeks Retail — a chain of three retail stores: Bog & idé, BOGhandleren and Legekæden — are also running with new data models set up by Web2Media in Agillic. From loyalty clubs to streaming integrations, these models are helping even more customers receive highly personalised content.  

With Kop & Kande, a kitchenware retailer, Web2Media oversaw the data migration, built the data models, and created and implemented the communication flows in close collaboration with the Kop & Kande marketing team. 

Read more about Kop & Kande’s success here.

Being able to follow its customers’ interactions, both in physical stores and online, is essential to Kop & Kande’s marketing success.

“Often, what is going on in the stores is a black box data-wise. Who is buying what, is the customer also shopping online, is there a category or a brand that they are particularly interested in etc. is all very important information for us to collect data about, as it enables us to offer our customers better service and more personalised offers,” says Malene Maarbjerg Rasmussen, Marketing and Omnichannel Director at Kop & Kande. 

“When a club member shops in the physical store, we can correlate the offline transaction data with the communication we have sent. This way, we can determine whether a specific offer or piece of content is valuable to the customer,” says Jacob Fusager, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist and Consultant at Web2Media.

Web2Media also developed an integration to Facebook from Kop & Kande’s Agillic instance, allowing its marketing team to use data from offline transactions on Facebook so they can use the store visit functionality and create more in-depth targeted audiences on Facebook. 

Web2Media has also established a dynamic product feed for Kop & Kande with the activation of product data in Agillic. For more details on how product feeds can be used in marketing automation and how to set them up, check out the full webinar with WakeupData and Web2Media below.

What makes the Agillic Partnership different

According to Web2Media, Agillic stands out among marketing automation platforms, as it offers a best-of-breed solution with a robust and flexible data model. 

It empowers businesses to handle all relevant channels and create personalised customer journeys without the need for extensive developer support. Agillic’s platform, tailored for those with ambitions and the right maturity, enables businesses to create exceptional customer experiences and achieve remarkable results.

We are proud of our successful partnership with Web2Media and look forward to continuing our shared journey of driving digital business growth for our clients.


The power of partnerships and why they matter 

In the ever-evolving realm of business, collaboration and integration are crucial steps towards achieving success, a fact that is widely recognised. However, true mastery lies in harnessing the complete potential of partnerships and understanding their significance from both the customer and vendor perspectives.

The significance of partnerships becomes apparent when striving for impactful victories, as aligning with relevant vendors who enhance your customers’ experiences can lead to tremendous outcomes. These collaborations attract new customers and foster loyalty among existing ones. Partnerships also serve as valuable advocates, serving as effective channels for driving new business opportunities.

According to McKinsey and Company, by 2025, approximately one-third of global sales will originate from ecosystems created through partnerships, wherein players from various industries work together to develop innovative solutions.

Now, let’s consider Agillic partners. What do they stand to gain from a partnership?

Similar to our Gold Partner Web2Media, our partners gain access to new audiences and expand their reach through joint marketing initiatives with us. They work closely with our team to create content that benefits both shared customers and potential clients.

Furthermore, they can offer tangible value to their customers by providing an omnichannel marketing automation platform that delivers genuine one-to-one personalisation.

Partnerships provide a direct avenue for cultivating deep relationships in areas that customers genuinely care about. No company thrives in isolation.

By leveraging partnerships, vendors can reinforce their value propositions and collaborate on joint solutions that cater to the specific needs of customers.

Are you interested in joining our Partner ecosystem? Find out more here.