Across sectors, consumers reward the brands capable of relevance, personalisation, and authenticity. This reward comes in the form of attention, loyalty – and their wallets.

Success across sectors

Communication forges strong bonds between brands and their consumers and drives value. That’s why using the right martech to help provide a meaningful customer experience is business-critical. Agillic has deep domain knowledge within several sectors and understands individual business objectives.

Charities & NGOs


Travel & Leisure

Landing pages and forms

Build and personalise
without coding

We have made it easy to build personalised landing pages. There’s no coding required, which means you don’t have to call IT. And instead of a one-size-fits-all, you can personalise at various levels, such as messaging, product offer or CTA, just as you would your emails. In fact, with Agillic, you can use the same personalisation criteria and content in your emails, which enables you to work much more efficiently – reach out to us and let’s show you how.

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